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News from the Edge

Community Health Innovation Awards

The Community Health Innovation Awards provide a unique chance for participants to design, develop, and implement innovative ideas for solving their most challenging community health needs.  Teams will work closely with mentors to develop their ideas for presentation to a panel of judges.  A total of at least $50,000 has been made available for community projects ranging from $5,000-$25,000 each.

Here’s your chance to step to the Edge of Chaos

Max Michael, M.D., has an inner vision that’s the exact opposite of his outward demeanor. The School of Public Health dean is organized, or certainly appears that way to others. He is always kindly and soft-spoken. He’s almost a perfect picture of calm.

Competition challenging Birmingham residents to be the change they want

ccts_sWho better to solve the issues facing a community than its own residents? That’s the thought of the One Great Community Council of the University of Alabama at Birmingham Center for Clinical and Translational Science as it launches the inaugural Community Health Innovation Awards

Inspire at Ignite Birmingham

What could you do with 5 minutes and 20 slides? That's the challenge students and faculty who participate in UAB Ignite will face. Ignite is a Birmingham activity that has grown in popularity over the last year, bringing together the best of our city's presenters and ideas and helping them hone in on what matters.

You can check out Ignite Birmingham's Youtube channel for more examples, and here's one:

The Edge of Chaos

I recently had the pleasure if photographing a project design by Kahn South for UAB. They completely redisigned the fourth floor of Lister Hill Library for the Public Health research department. They call it The Edge of Chaos.

Read more at Sherwood Cox photography blog...

UAB seeks new ideas through collaboration of students, teachers, public at The Edge of Chaos space

Things already are topsy-turvy in the new space at UAB called The Edge of Chaos.

The fourth floor of the Lister Hill Library is in the throes of construction, with drywall dust and workers everywhere. But that doesn't keep Max Michael, the dean of the School of Public Health at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, from seeing the potential in his new creation.

Good graphics herald progress

A couple days ago UAB School of Public Health hosted a breakfast to introduce  a new space under construction called Edge of Chaos. Conceived as a unique collaborative space where interdisciplinary faculty, students, and the community at large can gather informally to hash out ideas and develop solutions, when it opens next year the hope is it will generate innovation and entrepreneurship. Other universities have started similar ventures with much success.

What will come from UAB's Edge of Chaos?

The Nobel Prize for figuring out how DNA is put together should have gone to a cafeteria. That's what a scientist friend of mine says. She likes to point out that's where the researchers at Cambridge University kicked around the ideas that led to the big breakthrough.

When they weren't in the lab, they'd be breaking bread together. Drinking coffee, swapping wild notions or cracking jokes, they'd all compare notes about the work they were doing. That's how they finally connected the dots. Maybe they'd have done it faster if the conversation had included Rosalind Franklin.