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About the Edge

The notion of The Edge of Chaos comes from author Steven Johnson who postulates that collaborative solutions to wicked problems occur in an environment that runs a fine line between order and chaos. To put it another way: innovation happens at the edge of chaos.  Colliding minds is a central notion. When the same kinds of folks always work on the same kinds of problems, you get the same kinds of answers. Mix it up and you find innovative solutions. It happens when you put the poet, engineer, professor, and manufacturer together. Real solutions are the goal of The Edge of Chaos. Bringing together academia, business, and the community, we are more likely to find real and workable solutions to our most difficult problems. Collaborative solutions to a wicked problem occur on the fine line between order and chaos. This is not simply about the theoretical pursuit of what’s possible. Mix up the kind of individuals that are working on a solution.

Academia + business + community = real solutions.

This information can seem a little esoteric - to see some of the incredible things that actually transpire here at The Edge of Chaos, please take three and a half minutes and view the video below! It might change your life.