Air Pollution

We conduct research into the connections between air pollution and lung disease including pulmonary cell biology and toxicology of air pollutants, including particulates, ozone, chlorine and various poly-aromatic hydrocarbons.

Deep South Biosafety Worker Training Program (WTP)

The WTP is one of eight institutions funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences to provide infectious disease safety training for a range of high risk occupations. Headquartered at UAB, the WTP is a multi-state geographical partnership between the UAB School of Public Health, the UAB School of Medicine, the University of Mississippi Medical Center, and the Alabama Fire College's Workplace Safety Training Program.

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Deep South Center for Occupational Health Safety

The Deep South ERC is the only NIOSH ERC in the region and is a critical resource to business, labor and industry in preventing work-related injury and illness. The Center provides strong academic programs of study for its students, which includes interdisplinary and field work experiences. ERC graduates have rewarding and challenging careers in business, federal agencies, academia and industries. The faculty of the Deep South ERC has varied research interests from long haul truck driver safety to respirator fit testing.

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