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Bachelor Degrees

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  1. Undergraduate Academic Advising
  2. Application for Degree - Bachelors - Before completing the online application, you should consult with your academic advisor to verify which courses are needed to complete your degree requirements.
  3. Undergraduate Change of Major - Only 2 major changes per semester are allowed; major changes submitted prior to the last day to add/drop are effective for the current term. Changes submitted after the last day to add/drop are effective for the upcoming term.
  4. Change of Name Request Form

Graduate Degrees

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  1. Application for Degree - Masters, Doctoral and Certificate - Students planning to graduate in the upcoming term can access the Application for Graduate Degree/Certificate online through BlazerNET by clicking Links/Forms and selecting Apply for Graduate Degree/Certificate. The application must be submitted by the deadline date listed here; however, check with your department as some programs have earlier deadline dates.  Upon submission of the application for degree/certificate, a fee will be assessed to your student account. This fee covers the verification of your curriculum requirements and your diploma (if earning a graduate degree) and will only be assessed the first time you apply to graduate. The fee for graduate degrees is $50 and the fee for graduate certificates is $20.
  2. Graduate Student Academic Appeal Form - Masters and Doctoral - appeal course drop / add or withdrawal after stated deadlines
  3. SOPH Course Substitution - request the substitution of "Track" or Elective" course
  4. SOPH Graduate Course Waiver Form - request to be waived from a course that was previously completed in another program
  5.  SOPH Change of Advisor Form
  6. Change of Name Request Form
  7. Grade Replacement Request Form - The grade replacement policy allows a graduate student who repeats a course taken at UAB to request a grade replacement in which the grade for the first course be excluded from their GPA calculation. 
  8. Graduate Degree Completion Plan with Validation of Expired Coursework - Graduate students are generally expected to complete all degree requirements within 5 years of matriculation for a master's program and within 7 years of matriculation for a doctoral program. One extension of these time limits can be requested when mitigating circumstances preclude completion of requirements within the time limit.

  9. SOPH Incomplete Grade Form -  request consideration for an "I" grade
  10. SOPH Graduate Inter-departmental Change - request a change of departments
  11. SOPH Graduate Intra-departmental Change - request a change of degree, track and/or advisor within the same department
  12. SOPH Leave of Absence  - All students are expected to remain continuously enrolled throughout his or her course of study, unless personal or financial circumstances necessitate a leave of absence. A leave of absence request may be submitted for one semester at a time. If an extension is needed, you must complete a new leave request form.  A leave of academic absence which may not exceed one (1) academic year.

  13. Transfer of Graduate Credit - Use this from to transfer of credit from other universities.  No more than 12 semester hours of transfer credit may be applied toward a degree at UAB.

  14. Request To Change Non-Degree Seeking Credits To Degree-Seeking Credits - Use this form to apply graduate non-degree credits toward an advanced degree at UAB. No more than 12 semester hours can be used.


  1. Graduate Study Committee Form - These forms and all required attachments must be completed and submitted to the Graduate School before you can register for research hours.
  2. Master's Project Committee Form - if your master's program requires a research project as part of the requirement for the degree, a committee must be appointed
  3. Notification of Qualifying Exam Results
  4. Application for Admission to Candidacy 
  5. Request To Change Graduate Study Committee - Change of the Graduate Study Committee can be made by submitting this form to the Graduate School for approval. 
  6. Request for Thesis or Dissertation Approval Form




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