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Spaces at The Edge

Pricing for Space:

The Edge of Chaos:

The Edge of Chaos is 8000 square feet of meeting space that can be arranged to seat 1 or 150. Utilizing the entire space will allow accommodation of 250 for reception event format. The Edge of Chaos is both structured and unstructured. Drop in. Enter into conversation. Collide intellectually with others working problems in the space. Or, champion a cause, gather a team, and schedule meetings. It works both ways. Here, minds from different backgrounds connect, and those connections can be planned or better, unplanned. The open spaces of The Edge of Chaos feature modular mobile furniture. Creativity enjoys change. We want you to arrange the space to fit the way your team works. So move it around. Shake up the surroundings. Stir it up and see what happens. This is the Edge of Chaos, and the main rule is that there aren’t really any rules. (Entire Space $500)

The Atrium: 

The Atrium, which will seat 150, is a fabulous creative space designed for presentations. The space is very open with little to no privacy, which is something you may want to consider depending on the sensitivity of your meetings content. The Atrium features a large screen, ceiling-mounted projector, PA system, and large cylindrical blackboard. Flexible space offers a variety of setup options. ($250 during business hours*)

The Café:

The café (Room 411) has three SMART boards and will seat a maximum of 24; it contains six tables that may be arranged in multiple configurations based on your presentation needs. There is an attached Caterers’ Kitchen that includes refrigerator, sink, microwave, outlets for hot boxes, staging counters and Keurig. Large wooden sliding glass doors allows for an open meeting feel if so desired or privacy if required. ($200 during business hours*)

425 Conference:

Room 425 is designed for small meeting groups it will seat 12 comfortably and has SMARTBOARD capabilities.  ($100 during business hours*)

420 & 421 Conference:

The smaller conference rooms (Room 420 & 421) will seat up to six. The space is designed for small private conference meetings. If not reserved it is available on a first come first serve basis for group study during business hours. ($50 during business hours*)

*Office hours are 8 am until 5 pm Monday thru Friday.

Due to security and staffing constraints:  There is a $300 minimum charge for all after hours’ functions and a $500 minimum charge for all Weekend events.

Due to the unique design, nature and mission of this facility there are certain type of events that The Edge of Chaos simply does not have the capacity to accommodate.  The Edge of Chaos reserves the right to deny any request for meeting space.