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UAB Faculty Development Grant Poster Session

Hello. It is our tradition to host this annual event in the EOC atrium- it is great for EOC and great for us/for the event. We appreciate everything.

A poster session where the awardees of the Faculty Development Grant Program (FDGP), from all over campus, will display posters regarding their FDGP project. Faculty from all parts of campus, the Provost and Deans/Chairs will attend. Networking and collaboration opportunities. Awardees will synergize with attendees to plan next steps in their projects to maximize outcomes/new opportunities. The poster session will be paired with the Fall All-Campus Faculty Gathering. Faculty from all across campus are invited to attend this All-Campus Faculty Gathering, to meet, synergize and network with faculty from multiple disciplinary areas. Information regarding the Faculty Senate and shared governance and the Faculty Development Grant Program, will be available. Note about # of attendees- usually 60-90 attend but are spread out over the 2 hours as it is a drop in & out event.

It would be very helpful/best if we could use/roll out the tables and chairs, from the Cafe room and from Room 425, once the Investigator Start up meeting is over, in the Cafe, and once the Research Computing Office hours is over, in room 425...(we won't need all the tables until later into the event, once the other mtgs are over), so I am also filling out a request form for the Cafe and for Room 425 (so we can use the tables and can put some stuff in the Cafe room and so we aren't disturbing anyone in the Cafe room/room 425 during our event (we will have food at event so we will be going in & out of the kitchenette, plus, we have 23 full size scientific posters (5 ft wide) on easles/poster boards, so they will extend down teh hall to very close to room 425 and we may ned to set the food table up in teh back part of the Atrium (to make peole walk by the posters/presneters down the hall/towards room 425). Event will be 100% in the Atrium. In the begining, we will need to use some of the tables and chairs from inside the closet next to the kitchenette, so we will need access to (be sure it is unlocked) the closet/tables & chairs

Event is 11:00am-1:00pm, with set up time starting at 9:30am (starting with poster board easles and boards, carefully moving furniture into/around in the atrium, and clean-up time from 1:00-2:00pm (we may be done by 1:45)


Thursday, November 21, 2019 - 9:30am to 2:00pm
Faculty Senate/ Provost Office
Event Access: 
Open to the Public
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