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Dispatches from the Edge

The Edge of Chaos Partners with Weld Birmingham to Tackle Poverty in the Magic City!

 Weld For Birmingham's latest issue announces the groundbreaking partnership between their publication and The Edge of Chaos to address the wicked problem of poverty in the Greater Birmingham area. 6 Wicked Problem sessions will delve into the thorniest components of this obstacle to security and hope faced by too many residents of the Magic City.

Birmingham Mayor William Bell Discusses Education at The Edge of Chaos


Mayor William Bell addressed a group of students and faculty at The Edge of Chaos about technology standards in education. The audience shared dinner and then gathered to hear the mayor's entertaining speech that frequently had students and faculty alike laughing. Here, Director of Innovation David Hooks and the mayor share a moment of humor before the evening's talk. 

A discussion of "The Most Dangerous Profession" at The Edge of Chaos!

BIRMINGHAM, Alabama -- A UAB history professor with a long-standing interest in labor will deliver a lecture on campus today regarding the dangerous occupation of deep-sea fishing.

Colin Davis will present his talk, entitled "Trans-Atlantic Danger: Work and Death among U.S. and British Deep-Sea Fishermen," at noon at The Edge of Chaos events venue, according to UAB spokesman Bob Shepard.

The Edge of Chaos Hosts the Koronis Fest Awards!

On the evening of April 10, students and faculty from across campus to celebrate the 2014 Koronis Fest Awards. The Awards mark the conclusion of a competition sponsored by the School of Public Health for the creation of public service announcements. The PSAs come in a variety of formats, and the entries were available to view and enjoy during the evening's festivities.

Students Tackle "Wicked Problems" in Case Competition Final Round

A “wicked problem,” according to social theorists, is one which defies easy or obvious resolution. It’s the sort of problem that hinders societal development, crosses academic disciplines, and perplexes experts. It was in hopes of tackling these sorts of problems that The Edge of Chaos was created by the School of Public Health at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, so it’s appropriate that the finals of the Wicked Problem Case Competition for National Public Health Week were held at The Edge of Chaos.