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Wicked Problem Discussion Thursday November 6

Thursday, November 6, at 1:00 pm, The Edge of Chaos and Weld for Birmingham brought voices throughout the community together for the 5th discussion in a 6-part series about poverty in Birmingham. These Wicked Problem Discussions are aimed at interrogating the underlying causes for the myriad social, political and cultural issues which come together to make poverty a serious and growing concern in the Magic City. Weld's groundbreaking series of reports form the foundation and provide background for each discussion - the previous discussions have dealt with: housing, transportation, education, and health care.

The intention of these discussions is to assist in formulating concrete, real-world solutions which are actionable on a local and state level. Clarus Consulting has generously donated time and energy toward facilitating these discussions and preparing reports based on discussion content. 

The concluding discussion will be held on December 11, and will target the intersection of race and poverty.

The discussion are open to the public, although a seat at the discussion table is by invitation only.



Dispatch from the Edge
Wicked Problem: