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The Edge Launches Instagram Account, Featuring Chalk Art!

The Edge of Chaos is a unique conference and events venue on the campus of The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) that hosts a wide range of interesting people and groups.

It also features a big chalk board -- a really big chalk board, according to Edge of Chaos director David Hooks. "I claim (it) to be the biggest on earth and dare someone to challenge it," Hooks said Friday in an email.

And in the two years since the venue opened, many visitors have used the colored chalk provided to create lots of "fabulous art" on the board, according to Hooks.

But Hooks said on Monday in an email that while chalk art can be "magical" it is also, by its very nature, "ethereal and fleeting."

So what better way to preserve some of the best pieces than by starting an Instagram page?

The Edge of Chaos launched such a page -- filled with photos of cool drawings on its (allegedly) world's-biggest chalk board -- on Tuesday at 

The page gives the venue a way to share the art -- which, Hooks said "is sometimes beautiful, sometimes thoughtful, sometimes funny" -- with as many people as possible. 

The Edge of Chaos -- funded by the UAB School of Public Health -- is located on the fourth floor of Lister Hill Library. 

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