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Biostatistics is the discipline concerned with how we ought to make decisions when analyzing biomedical data. It is the evolving discipline concerned with formulating explicit rules to compensate both for the fallibility of human intuition in general and for biases in study design in particular. Berger and Matthews (2006).

Biostatistics uses statistical reasoning and methods to address major problems in public health. Students who concentrate in biostatistics are interested in how data, population studies, and health intersect. They study advanced statistical methodologies and apply them to better understand health trends among populations. Biostatistics students interpret results of statistical analyses from public health studies and translate the information into easily understandable facts for scientific and non-scientific audiences.

The Department of Biostatistics includes concentrations in research methods, statistical genetics and clinical trials. The Department plans to add concentrations in neuroscience, cardiovascular disease, epidemiological methods, and others that align with disciplines in the UAB SOPH. We offer training both at the graduate and post-doctoral level. At the graduate level, the Department offers the MSPH, DrPH, MS and PhD degrees in Biostatistics.



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