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Wicked Problem Lunch

The Grand Opening reception was on Monday and a fine event “Shaken and Stirred” turned out to be.   The Terminal has a very nice little write-up.   So what’s next?

Now we want to start bringing more people together to start to identify the “wicked problems” that we’re going to tackle.  Everyone who attended “Shaken and Stirred” received an invitation.  The invitation reads, in part:

Thought leaders in your organization are invited to join a group of The Edge of Chaos Scholars to explore your most challenging problem.  …  We promise a refreshing, provocatively diverse, and thoughtful space in your day with new insights and perspectives.

The idea is that you get together a few of the people from your organization or company and identify the problem that you want to investigate.  We will then round up a few of the TEoC Scholars who have some expertise in the area and arrange to bring everybody together for lunch or breakfast.  Maybe it’ll spark something, maybe it’ll just be some interesting conversation, maybe it’ll create some brand new connections.

You don’t have to have been at the Grand Opening to participate.  If you’ve got an idea for a wicked problem that you’d like to discuss over lunch or breakfast, let us know and we’ll set it up.

T. Scott Plutchak

Interim Director, The Edge of Chaos