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Ideas Lab

The Edge of Chaos is part of a wave of activity worldwide.  How do we bring people together in new ways to harness their creativity to drive innovation and solve wicked problems?  How can social media and other web based tools help to facilitate conversations?

This week saw the announcement of the Ideas Lab, an effort sponsored by General Electric in partnership with Atlantic Media’s creative agency Think Custom Media.  As described in a Washington Post article this past Tuesday, the Ideas Lab is intended to be “a collection of debates between and writings supplied by political, economic and policy experts as well as former policymakers…”  The goal is to drive conversation via the comments on these ideas.

It’s a worthwhile endeavor, and similar to what we’re hoping to do with The Edge of Chaos blog, once it’s up and running.  But turning a comment thread into a worthwhile discussion is a challenging endeavor.  I signed up for the Ideas Lab newsletter.  I’ll be watching to see if they can pull it off.

T. Scott Plutchak

Interim Director, The Edge of Chaos