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Getting Physical

The Edge of Chaos is getting busy.  Now that word is getting out, Chenoia is being deluged with requests for meeting space.  I get that.  On a campus like this, meeting space is really at a premium and when people find out that there’s new space available, they’re quick to check it out.  Which leaves us trying to figure out who we say yes to and who we have to regretfully turn away.

The core purpose of the space is to provide an environment where interdisciplinary groups can collaborate on creative solutions to really challenging problems.  So it’s not the right place for departmental meetings or training sessions or project teams from an individual department.  For those sorts of meetings we suggest looking at other meeting options available on campus.

But if you’re bringing together a research group that involves people from different schools, or you’re presenting a lecture that is intended to draw people from across the campus, or if you’re trying to develop an innovative proposal that involves working with some local community groups, then you should consider checking with us and we’ll see if we can accommodate you.  And if you’re just trying to get a few people from across campus together because somebody thinks they’ve got an intriguing idea they want to explore, then we’re probably the place for you.

For small groups you don’t even have to let us know that you’re coming.  We have multiple spaces where 4 to 6 people can gather to work on something.  So if you’re in the mood to be spontaneous, you can check the schedule by going to the online viewer here, clicking the “locations” tab, and putting “teoc” in the search box.  That’ll pull up, by week, everything that we currently have booked.  If the atrium is booked — that’s the big open area — it means we’ve got some kind of a large group event happening.  But if you don’t see anything scheduled there, or if rooms 411, 420 or 425 don’t appear to be scheduled, then you can probably find a space to gather.

It’s the Edge of Chaos — we don’t need to have everything planned.

T. Scott Plutchak

Interim Director, The Edge of Chaos