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Ideas Lab

The Edge of Chaos is part of a wave of activity worldwide.  How do we bring people together in new ways to harness their creativity to drive innovation and solve wicked problems?  How can social media and other web based tools help to facilitate conversations?

Ignite On The Edge

I’ve become a fan of the Ignite style of giving presentations — 5 minutes, 20 slides, with each slide advancing automatically after 15 seconds.  It’s a great format for helping you focus in on the very specific details of the story that you want to tell.

Getting Physical

The Edge of Chaos is getting busy.  Now that word is getting out, Chenoia is being deluged with requests for meeting space.  I get that.  On a campus like this, meeting space is really at a premium and when people find out that there’s new space available, they’re quick to check it out.  Which leaves us trying to figure out who we say yes to and who we have to regretfully turn away.

Wicked Health Problem Challenge

Just announced by Dean Max Michael, “The Wicked Health Problem Challenge”.  As he says in the announcement, this is designed to get the whole UAB academic community thinking about wicked problems and bringing their creativity to bear on addressing them.  The possibilities are (perhaps unfortunately) endless.  There are so many challenges that we could take on!  I hope we end up with a great assortment and some wonderful innovative solutions.

Engineering Innovation

A while back, some science writers were invited to come to Birmingham to check out some of the cool things that are happening here in the area of biotech.  They spent time at Innovation Depot and The Edge of Chaos, and talked to a bunch of people.  Julia Teeluck’s article has just come out in