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Bad Medicine

No one thinks they will ever become a Heroin Addict. “That doesn’t happen in our family”

However, it may be closer than you think.  Opioid Addiction usually starts with prescription drugs and moves from there. If you live in Alabama the odds are great that you or someone in your family will be prescribed opioid painkillers sometime this year.    The visuals of this video are simple the audio is not. The facts are horrifying!

Please watch this short 3 minute video. It  may save you or a loved one from the fate of addiction.

First Cut

Don’t you just love being part of a test market? This is the first of what I hope will be many discussions with a growing group of participants. Most of you are aware that I serve as Director of Innovation at The Edge of Chaos. The Edge of Chaos is a concept of the School of Public Health at The University of Alabama at Birmingham. The brain child of Dr. Max Michael the Dean of the school, The Edge of Chaos was designed to capture creativity, innovation and intellectual capital within the University and do good things within the community.

Wicked Problem Lunch

The Grand Opening reception was on Monday and a fine event “Shaken and Stirred” turned out to be.   The Terminal has a very nice little write-up.   So what’s next?

Now we want to start bringing more people together to start to identify the “wicked problems” that we’re going to tackle.  Everyone who attended “Shaken and Stirred” received an invitation.  The invitation reads, in part:

Edge of Chaos Grand Opening

We are eagerly anticipating Steven Johnson‘s appearance as the 2012 Samuelson Lecturer on October 23rd at noon.  His visit to UAB will mark the official Grand Opening of the Edge of Chaos (the name of which was inspired by a phrase in his book, Where Good Ideas Come From.)  The lecture is open to the public and will be held at the