School of Public Health Awards


  • Alumnus/Alumna of the Year Award
    • This award recognizes a graduate of eight years or greater who embodies the School of Public Health's mission of promoting public health and preventing disease.
  • Alumni Award for Scientific Excellence
    • The Alumni Award for Scientific Excellence is awarded to an alum substantially involved in public health research and whose work reflects a commitment to improving population health. 
  • Distinguished Alumnus/Alumna Award
    • This award recognizes a graduate who has promoted the School of Public Health's mission of promoting health and preventing disease. The recipient of this award will be an alumnus who would serve as a source of inspiration to students, alumni, and other public health professionals and who would be a source of pride for the School of Public Health and UAB.
  • Early Career Achievement Alumni Award 
    • This award recognizes excellence in public health for an alum who has graduated in the last 7 years. 

Faculty and Staff

  • SOPH Innovation in Teaching Award
    • Awarded to any SOPH faculty member to recognize outstanding achievement in teaching innovation by engaging students in interactive activities, utilizing new or emerging technology or existing technology in a novel manner, employing creative assessment methods, and/or introducing and incorporating forward thinking curriculum ideas into the classroom. Faculty may receive this award one time in a 5 year period, with additional awards being received only if the faculty member introduces a new course or substantially redesigns an existing course associated with a prior award.
  • SOPH Early Career Teaching Award
    • Awarded to an early career, assistant professor making an impact on education in the SOPH by demonstrating a commitment to quality instruction, shows evidence of a creative combination of teaching strategies, and generates enthusiasm in students. Awarded to a first-time junior faculty member within the first 6 years of the SOPH faculty appointment, and may be received only once.
  • The Distinguished Faculty Investigator Award
    • This award annually recognizes a member of the faculty whose research has made significant direct or indirect contributions to the health of the nation through empirical research, research methodology, or theory building or adaptation.
  • Outstanding Public Health Service Award (Faculty)
    • This award is presented annually to a faculty member whose service to public health has brought honor to the school's vision.
  • Outstanding Public Health Service Award (Staff)
    • This award annually honors a staff member who has honored the school's vision through their accomplishments in public health service.