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Mind Body Medicine Sessions

this is part of a special topics course I am leading in the last week of April.


The rigors of medical school can take a big toll on students mental health. Loss of compassion and generalized burnout are dangers facing the aspiring medical practitioner early on in their career.  Practicing mindfulness can prevent the encountered compassion fatigue and burnout by making students more self-aware and managing stress by engaging in regular self-care activities. This course is designed to help students to learn how to appreciate their capacity for self-awareness and self-care. These are things that are often taken for granted and neglected once they hit the demands and pace of the medical school curriculum. By learning the power of self-care, students will learn to balance the strain, stress and pressure due to the rigors of medical school and attempt to maintain a healthy personal and professional life. Well and happy students are in a better position to foster compassionate care for their patients both during their clinical training and thereafter.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 - 9:00am to 12:00pm
School of Medicine
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teach medical students mind body medicine techniques to cope with stress, burnout, fatigue
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Closed to the Public
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