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KURE Program Retreat

Retreat Format. The one-day Retreat will be required participation for the KURE scholars. The Retreat will be held the first week of June at the beginning of the KURE program. All sessions of the Retreat will utilize active methods of learning and participation with students and facilitators instead of passive, didactic lecturing.  Participants will be the KURE scholars, Kidney community mentors, Advisory committee members, near peer mentors, as well as PROmoTE and PRIME scholars. [Note: Drs. Lorenz and Pollock are co-directors of the UAB PRedOctoral phd and md research training in Teams (PROmoTE) Program that is also under review at NIDDK study section. The PROmoTE program is a summer kidney research enrichment and teamwork program for pre-matriculating PhD and MD students. PRIME scholars will be predoctoral matriculating PhD students in the PRIME NIDDK T32 training program that is pending funding (priority score 10) and Dr. Pollock is the Director.]

Session 1 will be focused on empowering research training with a team science session facilitated by Dr. Anthony Hood, (UAB Collat School of Business faculty member and KURE consultant, see letter of support). Team building exercises and real-life scenarios on “how to be a good mentee” will be utilized to demonstrate the advantages of teamwork. This session will also provide information on careers in nephrology and kidney research for all levels of education as well as grants for undergraduate, graduate, medical, and MD/PhD students in research. Information will also be provided about applying to graduate schools and the current admissions standards at UAB. Representatives from the UAB graduate school (Dean Lori McMahon), MD/PhD program (Associate Dean and KURE co-Director Robin Lorenz) are part of the faculty for the Retreat. This session will also incorporate time for KURE mentors and scholars to discuss the goals with scholar’s IDP.

Session 2 will focus on communication skills development facilitated by Drs. Lorenz and Lori McMahon (Dean, UAB Graduate School, see letter of support) for all participants. “How to” sessions on how to read a scientific paper, how to write an abstract, and how to prepare and present a scientific poster as well as a traditional 10-minute presentation of their research project and “how to” do a 5-minute TED talk about their research (22). These sessions provide significant time for discussion and interaction between KURE scholars and leaders. This session will also aid in the scholar’s presentation at the KURE symposium and at their home institutions.

Session 3 will incorporate an invited external speaker, data blitz/science brew, and a social time for all participants (to include all listed above, as well as other MD, PhD, and MD/PhD students with a kidney research focus and the internal advisory committee members). The invited speaker will also serve as an external advisor of the KURE program. For the data blitz/science brew, near peer mentors will be required to prepare a 5-min presentation with no more than 5 slides. The sessions will be timed to keep all presentations on track. All KURE scholars will be required to generate questions with respect to the presentations in a fashion of brainstorming for novel experiments or hypotheses, thus "brewing science". This activity is meant to give KURE scholars confidence in asking questions – no matter how simple.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018 - 7:00am to 6:00pm
Kidney Undergraduate Research Experience (KURE Program)
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The overall goal of the UAB KURE program is to establish a summer undergraduate research experience at UAB focused on kidney disease research with novel strategies to engage and empower students to be life-long researchers.
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Closed to the Public
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