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Dispatches from the Edge

Students Tackle "Wicked Problems" in Case Competition Final Round

A “wicked problem,” according to social theorists, is one which defies easy or obvious resolution. It’s the sort of problem that hinders societal development, crosses academic disciplines, and perplexes experts. It was in hopes of tackling these sorts of problems that The Edge of Chaos was created by the School of Public Health at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, so it’s appropriate that the finals of the Wicked Problem Case Competition for National Public Health Week were held at The Edge of Chaos.

The Edge of Chaos Intersects with UAB Sustainability Enterprises

Director of Innovation David Hooks visiting with Jon Paolone, UAB Recycling Coordinator, at UAB Earth Month Festival.

March Madness - It Isn't Just Basketball!

Saturday morning, March 22, witnessed a new kind of March Madness as a few dozen young people began massing at The Edge of Chaos before many weekending Alabamians even hit the “snooze” button the first time. Young adults representing UAB, Tuskegee University, University of Alabama at Huntsville, Auburn University, the University of South Alabama, and Hoover High School arrived at the 4th floor of Lister Hill Library with laptops in tow, ready to jump into spring games that involved keyboards instead of foul lines at Facebook’s “Hack the World” Capture the Flag event.