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Dispatches from the Edge

Wicked Problem Discussion with Turkish Delegates and Business Leaders Explores Technological Innovation

Monday, February 24, key UAB faculty members, Birmingham business leaders and innovators, and representatives from Hacettepe University and Hacettepe Technopolis in Ankara, Turkey, gathered at The Edge of Chaos to discuss a wicked problem: “Innovation Transformation: What does 2020 look like and how do we get there?” This ground-breaking collaboration was hosted by The Edge of Chaos and Innovation Depot with the intention of bringing together important voices in technology across international borders to both discuss and plan the future of technological innovation.

Alabama leads the Nation in HIV and AIDS Telemedicine says Rena Brewer

David Hooks, Director of Innovation at The Edge of Chaos, today was part of a Telehealth Workgroup Meeting between the Southeastern Telehealth Resource Center and the Alabama Office of Rural Development, sponsored by Ron Sparks, Director of Rural Development for the State of Alabama.

Alabama has historically been an easy target for those seeking examples of regressive policies and antiquated approaches. But speakers at the Telehealth meeting gave David Hooks reason to believe that at least in the case of HIV telemedicine, that is not true.

David Hooks, Director of Innovation, Represents The Edge of Chaos in Montgomery Meeting

Today in Montgomery, Director of Innovation David Hooks is participating in a meeting on behalf of TEOC discussing the establishment of a statewide telehealth system. David's extensive background in public planning, with all of its vagaries and challenges, uniquely equips him to participate in a discussion with this sort of significance.